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          Metal Processing - Lathes

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          Relief-Turning Lathe

          rabljeni tokarski strojevi za reljefno okretanje REINECKER UHD 4

          • HANS - JÜRGEN GEIGER
          • James-Watt-Str. 12
          • 72555 Metzingen
          • Deutschland

          • (0049)-7123-18040
          #1049-409206 · Relief-Turning Lathe

          REINECKER - UHD 4 - - 1969 -

          Technical details
          turning diameter over bed 870 mm︱turning diameter over slide rest 480 mm︱turning length 800 mm︱total power requirement 16 kW︱weight of the machine ca. 9500 kg︱dimensions of the machine ca. m︱
            turning diameter over bed 870 mm
            turning diameter over slide rest 480 mm
            turning length 800 mm
            total power requirement 16 kW
            weight of the machine ca. 9500 kg
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